Pool Party Tips

The summer season is probably the best time of the year to enjoy a whole day in pool party .You can organize this party with your family and friends’ .This can be a great occasion where the entire family can enjoy a get together.

However before arranging a party it is essential to make some arrangements. This requires planning and guidance. Let us go through some of the useful pool party tips.

The foremost thing is check out the total strength of the party. Your location will depend upon the guest strength. In case you do not have a pool in your back yard then contact the nearest public swimming pool contractors, or you can call these guys at www.bazenirijeka.com. They can help you to decide the location. The public swimming pools can accommodate maximum guests at any given time. More over the swimming pool area may not be sufficient for the entire guest party. Therefore you must choose a pool with a big garden.Pool Party Time!!!

Prior calling your guest make sure to have detailed knowledge about the security of the bazeni (pool). You must cross check the number of life guards they have .Once you are sure of the security it is time to cross check the locker rooms. Majority of the swimming pool includes locker rooms. It is essential that the pool you choose should have locker rooms for male and female (separately).

Prior calling your guests make sure that the pool is clean and germ free . The public pool provides access to every citizen. Thus it is likely that you will have to do a thorough cleaning before the party. You can use automatic cleaner to sterilize the pool . Make sure to remove the residue and molds from the nook and corners of the pool .The steps and the handles should be thoroughly cleaned .Moreover the cleaner must take care of the landscape (if present) near the pool or immediate area. The lounge tables and chairs should be cleaned and wiped prior the party begins.

Since you are the host make sure to reach out the best hospitality to your guest .You must arrange for some extra towels for your guest .The towels should be clean and dry. You can stack them on a table .Make sure you have an extra load behind the screen. Many prefers keeping them on the hanger but at the end it get congested. Make sure you arrange a bin for wet and used towels .This way the guests can dispose the dirty towels easily. Vise thing would also be to have some sort of a smaller pool (montažni bazeni), just in case party gets a bit bigger than planned ;).

In case the party extends till evening then arrange for some citronella torches and bug zapper. You can also arrange for some beach balls and few water rafts for your guests.

Once the party starts your guests will look for some drink and food .So make prior arrangements for the same . In fact swimming will make you feel hungry so make sure you have sufficient amenities to feed the hungry hippos!! Please avoid alcoholic drinks It is better to serve mock tails, colas and fruit juice .Alcohol is strictly forbidden for pool parties.

Make sure every guest is comfortable and is provided with the rest room to change his/her attire. In case you have kids in the party then do not forget to hang a color art paper with POOL RULES.

Finally, keep a first aid box near the pool. Since accident can occur anytime . Thus it is wise to have an aid box.