Beach Party Games

The Best Beach Party Games

The hot summers have arrived and everyone wants to get rid of this hot summers so the best place to chill out is beaches. The beaches are cool places to spend time with our friends , family etc. We can have food(barbequed) , play games , surfing and do many fun related activities. Beach parties are awesome gathering of loads of friends together enjoying and having best time with our buddies. The most important are beach party games in which everyone participates and have fun playing games with our fiends.

Some of the beach party games includes “Beach Volleyball” one of the famous game having two teams and playing with volleyball this is very enjoyable game and anyone can participate it’s really fun but people get tired soon. “Frisbee” often known as flying disc is also cool beach party game. It’s a throw and catch game. “Tug Of War” also known as rope pulling is cool beach party game this includes two teams in which there are equal members in both teams and pulling the rope from both the sides whichever team pulls the other team inside the cross line wins the game it’s exciting game everyone can enjoy , the team with strength wins the game.

The beach party games are fun to play, one of the game include “Musical Beach Towels” is also nice game to play. It is same as “Musical Chair” but here instead of chairs there are folded towels. The towels are folded and placed at equal positions then the music is started then the players run around the towels in line as soon as the music stops the players have to sit on the towel whoever sits is safe and who does not is out of the game. After every game one towel is reduced hence more players and less towel finally 2 players are left with one towel and whoever sits is the winner.

“Beach Ball Passing” is also a fun beach party game in which the players sit around in a circle , a ball is required in this game with any player , the music is started then the ball is passed to the next player sitting next and the passing goes on until the music is stopped. As soon as the music is stopped the player with the ball is given a dare to complete for example “Dancing , Acting , Singing etc” the player has to complete the dare and then he is out of the game finally the one who is remaining with the ball wins the game.

“Beach Bingo” is nice puzzle game also known as “Housie”. Every player is given a bingo card it has certain random numbers on it, Every card has different set of numbers. One member has a jar mixed of numbers. He removes one number at a time and announces the number. If the number is there on the card it is marked with a pen. Whoever completes the sets of all numbers is given a prize.

There are also many mini beach party games like “Splash Ball” is fun game of playing with ball in water near the beach.”Shell Search” is game include searching of unique shells with friends in the sand. “Sand Art” is also nice making things with sand like castle, shapes, sculptures etc. These were the few beach party games everyone can enjoy and have a blast and spend good time with their friends, family , relatives etc. Also there are many variety of games which can be played at the beach parties Enjoy and Have Great Fun !!