Psycho Beach Party

Awesome  Beach Party

Beach Parties are fun loving meant for enjoying having loads of fun with our buddies. Dance , music games , food are the necessary things at a beach party. But what if the beach party goes insane guests lose control and do unusual things , people go violent and do any horrible things that is what we call as “Psycho Beach Party” Break the rules feel free to do any stuff we want, get drunk feel higher. Psycho beach parties are often unimaginable everything goes normal and suddenly something very exciting starts these parties are pre-planned and the guests do not know anything about it. The guests don’t have any clue that the party will go Psycho and it will end up in something different. Everyone goes out of control and do any stupid acts which are really gross.

One of the “Psycho beach party” had a game tug of war with two teams boys v/s Girls finally they started the game boys being strong won the game and girls lost. After the game was over the rules were “Losers go naked in sea” and obviously it were the girls and they went naked in the sea that was such a “Psycho beach party”. Then one of the beach party had the game “Extreme Water Balloon Fight” in which water balloons are given to guests and literally throw at each other that was really insane people running here and there hiding and throwing water balloons at everyone that was also “Psycho Beach Party”.

“Food Contest” was a contest in which guests have to finish the food first before anyone does that includes 10 burgers to eat , 1 gallon of milk , and some people used to win in that contests and after that vomit everything that was really insane stuff eating fast and that to so much quantity that was Psycho Beach Party. “Neon Paint” is also a good idea at a beach party guests love to get painted tattoo , things etc after all guests are painted the lights can be shut down and everyone will glow in the dark because of neon paint that is really “Psycho Beach Party”

Burying someone in the sand is also cool idea, burying your friends body in the sand only with its head up is an insane idea to have fun. Kiss anyone on the beach is really psycho beach party thing it’s like all the guests are sitting around the round table and a empty bottle is spin on the table as soon as the bottle stops on anyone pointing towards the person has to perform this task of kissing anyone. Well it could be anyone a dog , old lady , etc its really hilarious thing to watch the person kissing and this also sounds to be a part of “Psycho Beach Party”. “Animal Costume” well this prank fits perfect if it’s a sleepover beach party in the midnight anyone can wear the animal costume of a bear or something and as soon as soon all the guests fall asleep the animal costume guy appears and frightens everyone and all the guests gets panic and run here and there for help and that guy chases them its really amazing to see people getting frightened with a fake animal that’s a “Psycho Beach Party”. “Telling scary stories in the dark will also make them frightened and suddenly a horror character dressed up will make the party “Psycho” so these were the things which are held in the “Psycho Beach Party” hope so you are not the next victim of the untold “Psycho Beach Party Beware and have fun.