Pool Party Games

Pool Games

With the approaching of summer season you must opt for something that will not only guarantee entertainment but relaxation as well .The pool party during summer can be an excellent way to celebrate summer.Infact this is a very popular concept that is used by many hosts.

Swimming color is a popular pool party games preferred by many organisor.One individual will play as”IT”.The IT will have to swim to the centre of the pool The other group will turn there back and decide a color on their mid .If the person playing as IT is able to guess the right color then he/she will chase the other players. Incase the IT is not successful in guessing the right color then he /she will have to catch the players by following the sound of water splash.

The fishing game is another popular pool party games .The game involves ringing the fish. Every player will be given a definite number of rings. Now each player will try their luck with the limited number of rings. The player who will be successful in capturing the highest number of fish will be declared as the winner.

You can also arrange beach volley game for those not willing to participate in pool games .This game can be arranged on areas beside the swimming pool. This kind of party games can be enjoyed by all.

You can arrange hand ball games in water .It will be similar to soccer. The only difference will be that the player will use the hand instead of feet. You can have two goal keepers at each end. You need to create two teams who can play against each other. You can arrange a small tournament .However a small tournament will require good amount of players. Thus you can organize small teams of four to five members each .This can be fun and challenging. You can arrange for some surprise gifts for the best player and the winning team.

Party games in fact are a great addition to any pool party. They can boost a new life to your party. Many pool parties have certain themes. Likewise the games can be arranged depending upon the theme of the game.

One of the popular themes is the Hawaiian Luau .You can arrange some skirts made of grass. Make all your female members wear the same .This single idea can automatically change the look of your party. You can also arrange for some flower necklaces .Make sure to have some coconut drinks. You can arrange a small dance competition .This will be fun and entertaining.

You can arrange a water tug .This is a fun game .The war of tug is mostly played in dry land. But the same can be arranged in water with fewer participants. In fact the kids can also participate in this game. However, if you want the kids to play the water tug then make sure to choose a shallow pool. The swimming pool should be big and spacisous.You must provide sufficient space between two teams.