Pool Party Wear

Recommend Wear For Pool Party

As a host you must decide on a few things. Apart from choosing the menu, venue and various other factors you must concentrate on the part what to wear to pool party too. The pool party is comparatively different from other normal party.

Dress for pool party is an important factor to decide on therefore as the host of the party you must decide the party wears. Though one of the most common attire is the swim suit but there are numerous other options. The scope expands when you decide a theme for your party.

Though dressing up to pool party is just another part of the party but they tend to become an important deciding factor. In fact the pool party wear defines the mood of the party. If you are planning the party with your friends then you can always decide on a theme. The theme parties are popular because every guest has something definite to wear. In normal pool parties the guests (especially those who are mot regular to these kinds of parties) might be confused about the kind of dress they should wear .Moreover it will look odd if you remain in your swim suit all through out the party.

In case you are not opting for a theme party then opt for common dresses used for normal pool parties. You can recommend swim suits or two pieces for all females. One thing you can add is similar colors. You can request them to wear in blue and green shades. This will give an awesome look to the pool.

The boys can always wear to pool party the tradition shorts and t shirts while bathing. You can decide the color for them too. You can provide them options like white or other lighter shades to enhance and complement the colors worn by ladies.

Let us discuss some of the popular dress code used in pool party

Though the pool party is organized in pool yet you can choose beach party as the theme. The dress should be similar to those wore in beach. You can use swimsuit, tank tops, flip flops, sarongs, sunglasses and big hats. You can supply beach towels to wrap .In a nutshell the dresses will be similar to those you use in beach.

The Hawaiian Luau is another popular theme to dress on. You can opt for the Hawaiian printed shirt and shorts for male participants. Many prefer khaki shorts instead of the plain ones. The girls can use the Hawaiian styled skirt. The tank tops will be ideal with the skirts .many prefers bathing suit .The pool party waer should remind you of a laid vacation in the Hawaiian island.